About Us

About Us

Brainbee offers the world-class abacus education to children. Children at Brainbee learn things in a fun way through various games. Brainbee offers Brain Development Programs to the kids in the age group of 5 to 15 years.

Our program prepares the kids to face the challenges in this era of competition. Brainbee is a place where we nurture the talents and help the children to explore the genius inside of them. We have a team of expert abacus teachers who understand the children better and follow best teaching strategies for an effective learning.

We use Abacus which inculcates the problem-solving ability in children. Along with this, we also use Visual Arithmetic that trains the children to visualize the picture of Abacus in mind. This way they become confident in mentally solving the complex mathematical calculations quickly.

Now, it’s your turn to decide the future of your child. Feel free to call us for more information!

Our Vision

To provide skills that helps the children not only in their academics but throughout their life. Our training must lead them to the route of success that is in and beyond the academics.

Our Mission

To foster the children in a fun-filled environment for their complete mental development and prepare them to be a better leader in the future.